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3 New Short Story Collections
available for Kindle, Ipad and other e-readers

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Dog Park Diary: the Social Round of Goody Beagle

by Kim Pearson
$17.95 plus S&H

From the back cover:

Meet Goody Beagle. Every day she goes to the Dog Park, where she sees her friends and finds out what's up.  They chase balls and each other. They wrestle and play tug. They sniff butt. They enjoy being dogs.

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Dog Park Diary an Award Winner! Finalist in the 2008 National Best Books Award by USABookNews.com, in the category of Pets/Animals!

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Ten Reasons to Be a Ghostwriter and Ten Tips on How to Do It

Do you dream of making your living as a writer, but are afraid it’s an unrealistic dream? Maybe you should think about becoming a ghostwriter. This short book by a professional ghostwriter gives you ten tips on how to start and live a ghostwriting career, and ten often surprising reasons why it’s great to be one.

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by Kim Pearson


Making History Making History
how to remember, record, interpret and share the events of your life

by Kim Pearson
$24.95 plus S&H

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Why Tell Your Life Story?
… and how to tell it well.

Making History helps you:

  • Discover your place in history.
  • Remember the stories you thought you had forgotten.
  • Create powerful "memory vignettes" that will wow your audience.

Here is a comprehensive, easy to use, fun method of exploring the times of your life against a backdrop of historic events. Take a wild gallop through recent history and ask yourself:

  • How did I make a difference?
  • What did I contribute?
  • What did I witness?
  • How can I share it with others?

Making History contains:

  • Detailed historic timelines from 1930 through 1989.
  • Vibrant stories full of humor, tragedy, and excitement from others who lived through these times, just like you.
  • Thought-provoking questions to help you discover how you contributed to and participated in the events of your time.
  • Easily accessible information arranged in eight categories:
    • Economics and Politics
    • The Social Fabric – race, gender and morality
    • War and the International Scene
    • Technology and Science
    • Crime and Disaster
    • Arts and Entertainment
    • Lifestyle Activities – including food, fashion, toys & games, and sports
    • The Weird and Trivial – including scandals and gossip, comics, slang, pets and the paranormal

You are an actor on the world's stage.
What you do, say, think and feel matters – to history.
Find out how.

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Award Winner! Making History a Finalist in the 2008 National Best Books Award by USABookNews.com, in the Non-Fiction Narrative Category!

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What people say about Making History: how to remember, record, interpret and share the events of your life

"I bought my mom a copy of your book Making History and she loved it. She’s been writing a journal on and off for years, as a distraction after my dad died. Your book helped her to focus and to realize she really had a story to tell. My niece typed the manuscript and I edited and added family photos, and I put it into Microsoft Publisher and created a real book for her for her 90th birthday. She was thrilled at the idea of being a real author, and we’ve sent copies to my siblings, nieces and nephews and the resulting feedback has been such a boost to her self-confidence. She’s already planning what to put in the next book. Thanks for getting us started.."
_Geraldine Sombke, Your Vancouver fan, BrightWebs.com
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You Can Be An Author You Can Be An Author, Even If You're Not A Writer:
The 1-2-3 of Creating a Book

by Kim Pearson
$11.95 plus S&H

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Why author a book?
A book can . . .

  • Establish you as an authority in your field
  • Promote your business, service, or organization
  • Increase your client roster
  • Tell your unique and entertaining stories
  • Preserve a legacy for your descendants
  • Share your ideas and contribute to the world

This little book gives tips how to . . .

  • Find inspiration
  • Hone your ideas
  • Get those ideas down on paper
  • Turn them into a real book

. . . and you don't even have to be a writer to do it!

What people say about You Can Be An Author, Even If You're Not a Writer

"Kim Pearson's experience as a writer and ghostwriter has led her to write an invaluable book to really explain ghostwriting as a viable, legitimate and respectable option for those who want help in transforming their ideas into the printed world."
_Jan B. King, Founder, eWomenPublishingNetwork
"Non-fiction authors have information, writers have editorial skills. Often they are not the same person so collaboration is needed to get a well-written book to the reading public. Pearson's book explains this process."
_Dan Poynter, Author of The Self-Publishing Manual
"Kim's book condenses a seemingly overwhelming topic into an amazingly simple and clear guide. Everything you need to know is right here. Anyone who wishes they could write a book should read this one. Don't even think about starting your book without reading 'You Can Be An Author, Even If You're Not A Writer!'"
_Amanda Murphy, Co-author of the bestseller
Create the Business Breakthrough You Want

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Eating Mythos Soup Eating Mythos Soup: poemstories for Laura
by Kim Pearson
Published by Fithian Press, 2000
$11.95 plus S&H

There is a being named Laura, to whom people tell their stories. Laura is a shape-shifter and a guide from another dimension; her role is to eat the stories people give her. The stories are wild and exotic, still and brilliant, daydreams and nightmares alike. Laura devours them all. She revels in the flesh and dirt and blood of the stories, and in all the juicy paradoxical conditions of humanity, and when she has digested the stories she reveals the ugly beauty within them. Here are fifty-two poemstories for Laura, stories sizzling with imagery and metaphor and alive with the joy of language. They come from all sorts of people – a gardener, an accountant, a purple witch, an angry parrot, a clown in a bear suit. They are full of hope, fear, love, sex, dung, joy, and guilt. And reading them is about as close as we'll ever come to understanding who or what Laura is.

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Johnnie Jessen It's All In the Tone: The Life and Music of Johnnie Jessen
by Johnnie Jessen as told to Kim Pearson
Published by The Jessen Music Foundation, 2001

Seattle's own Johnnie Jessen has been a well known musician, performer and teacher for almost eighty years. His unique method of "glottal" blowing has enabled him and his students to attain a superior tone on all woodwind instruments, and his charismatic personality and colorful history has inspired generations of professional musicians and music lovers. The proceeds from this book will go to the Jessen Music Foundation to provide music scholarships for deserving junior high and high school students. It is available from the Jessen Music Foundation, jessenmusic@comcast.net



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Creature Discomforts: The Boogy Cats and Other Stories

Enter the strange cracked world of these enchanting short stories; a world where it is common to find a platoon of cats executing an elaborate revenge, baby alligators returning from the dead, and other discomforting glimpses into the lives of so-called ordinary creatures. These stories might stay with you a long time, like a persistent dream – or a recurring nightmare.

Available at Amazon!

Read an excerpt free, purchase, download to PC, or deliver to Kindle or other device, click here.

by Kim Pearson


Childish Discoveries: The Sandwich and Other Stories

Look through innocent childish eyes in these 7 short stories, and discover that those eyes may not be so innocent after all. A sandwich turns deadly, a trampoline becomes an avenger, and the hallway coat closet harbors a secret occupant. These stories and others may make you remember your own childish discoveries in the mysterious grown-up world.

Available at Amazon!

Read an excerpt free, purchase, download to PC, or deliver to Kindle or other device, click here.

by Kim Pearson


Adult Distractions: Gabriel's Bed and Other Stories

Look below the surface distractions of everyday life in these 8 short stories, and explore the truths that lie beneath, sometimes far into the past. A dead carpenter haunts his bed, a fireman’s legacy turns to ashes, and a photographer’s favorite subject becomes his cage. These stories and others might make you twitch with recognition of your own forgotten history.

Available at Amazon!

Read an excerpt free, purchase, download to PC, or deliver to Kindle or other device, click here.

by Kim Pearson


How to WOW Your Reader

Writing is a communication medium. All good communication is TWO-WAY. It’s not enough to have a scintillating idea or transformative message. In order for that idea or message to have an impact or create change in another’s life, it must be heard and understood by those all-important people, your READERS.

But how do you write for people you don’t even know? This ebook gives you writing tips and techniques on how to:
  • Identify your target readers and what is important to them
  • Discover where your potential readers “hang out”
  • Make sure your readers “get” you” – how to tailor your writing so your ideas will be heard
  • Structure the content of your book for easy access
  • Choose what information to include – and what not to include

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Making History Workbooks

The following 8 Making History Workbooks each focuses on a different historical topic, and contains an extensive timeline of historical events from 1930 to 1989, plus suggested questions to help you examine your role in these events. A huge boon to personal historians, these workbooks are excerpts from the book Making History.

Each Workbook is $7.50

The 8 Workbooks are:

Economics and Politics

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The Social Fabric (race, gender, social morality)

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Wars and the International Scene

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Technology & Science

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Crimes and Disasters

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Arts & Entertainment

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Lifestyle Activities
(food, fashion, toys & games, sports, etc)

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The Weird & Trivial
(pets & animals, the paranormal, comics & cartoons, etc)

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Wheel of the Year Haiku

365 original haiku celebrating the seasons of the year. Also includes 8 essays on the history and cultural aspects of each season, plus great ideas on how you can celebrate the Earth.

Each Book is $10.00

Wheel of the Year: I

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Wheel of the Year: II

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